Bolton Investigations, Inc. is the only Private Investigative Agency that specializes in Documenting and Investigating Cruise ship shore excursion accidents.

Many different kinds of Shore Excursion accidents happen every year that negatively affect the lives of Cruise ship passengers. Shore excursions can offer exotic adventure, and a traveler may have his defenses down and encounter risky, challenging and unfamiliar environments.  Documenting an accident and getting all of the facts as quickly as possible is essential. Bolton Investigations, Inc. routinely works with Local and Federal law enforcement officers in each and every country located in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. We can provide liaison services, document retrieval, photography, videographer and general investigative services to you or your experts. It would be our pleasure to assist you. Contact us today to set up your free consultation so that we may evaluate your case and discuss your options.

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Equipment failures on tours and rides.

Slip and fall.

ATV accidents.

Pedestrian accidents.

 Mugged or assaulted.

 Motor vehicle accidents.

 Snorkeling,  swimming,  diving accidents.

 Injured by an animal attack or bite, thrown from a horse.